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Russ Kelly & Associates is a Commercial General Contractor in the City of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, specializing in the construction of restaurants. We also have many years of experience with commercial and retail fitout. 








With 43 years experience and a motivated team of project managers and tradesmen, Russ Kelly & Associates is ready to help you create the space you have always imagined. We have preserved our values over the years and always strive to provide each client with all of the services their project requires while also giving them our insight about how to incorporate the key components of the concept into the location in the most effective way possible. 

We have seen this industry change over time and have witnessed firsthand how quality gets sacrificed for price. We endeavor to deliver a finished project of the highest quality and we work closely with trusted subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that our estimates are as accurate as possible. 

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Russ Kelly & Associates is no stranger to strict deadlines and we will make our best effort to ensure that your project is completed according to schedule. We submit the paperwork for the permits as soon as the plans are in hand so that we can promptly start your job. We are familiar with the permitting process in the City of Philadelphia and work closely with the Department of Licensing and Inspections to streamline the process. 

RKA is also very familiar with the Department of Aviation and Marketplace Philadelphia and have a deep understanding of what types of rules and regulations they require us to follow throughout the duration of your project and we are prepared to help you navigate this process. 

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We ask you as our client to be ready to run to the finish line with us and we need your team to work closely with us to make your vision a reality. Russ Kelly & Associates will work with you every step of the way, from planning to completion. 

We want you to be pleased with your finished project and will make sure that your input is heard at each step. Your ideas are the reason why you are here in the first place so it is of the utmost importance to us that your vision in implemented as efficiently as possible.

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