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105 S. 12TH STREET




The Midtown Village welcomes the newest addition to its extensive repertoire of eateries: Shake Shack. The newest location of this old favorite is located on the first floor of the historic S. S. White building which was built in 1867 on the southeast corner of 12th and Chestnut streets. Originally this building was home to the Samuel S. White Dental Company who are known for pioneering the use of feldspar to create a longer-lasting porcelain that they then used to make exact replicas of their patients’ teeth. This building has since been transformed into apartments with a modern industrial feel on the upper levels. The latest renovations done by RKA preserved exterior historical facade and the integrity of the building while also revamping the entire space to meet the demands of a new full kitchen including an exhaust system and walk-in freezer. 

Shake Shack 1.JPG
Shake Shack Entrance (3).JPG


A completely new storefront was installed to allow for the entrance to be ramped down to meet the sidewalks for wheelchair accessibility. To complete this task, RKA had to remove portions of the interior concrete and steel to install new, sloped versions. As you walk through the main entrance, you are greeted by a mosaic tile floor dawning the company’s slogan: Stand for Something Good. The interior is consistent with Shake Shack’s usual sleek modern vibe, but with a twist. The historic wood paneling from the original design of the building remains intact but is painted blue, adding subtle rustic tones to the space. The black and white subway-esque tile used as accents on the walls paired with the geometric hanging lights adds to the dining room’s contemporary vibes. Overall, RKA was able to help Shake Shack to capture their usual modish style in their newest Philadelphia location which is the perfect place to enjoy a classic ShackBurger with a shake or create your own made-to-order masterpiece.

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